Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Lightman

“Time flows not evenly but fitfully and, as consequence; people receive fitful glimpses of the future” Lightman 66

“Time passes more slowly for people in motion. Thus everyone travels at high velocity to gain time” Lightman 70

“Time is a sense, like sight or like taste, a sequence of episodes may be quick or may be slow, dim or intense, salty or sweet, casual or without cause, orderly or random, depending on the prior history of the viewer” Lightman 89

“Over time, some have determined that the only way to live is to die. In death, a man or a woman is free of the weight of the past. These few souls, with their dear relatives looking on, dive into Lake Constance or hurl themselves from Monte Lema, ending their infinite lives” Lightman 94

“Time is not a quantity but a quality” Lightman  95

“Time cannot be measured” Lightman 97

“Time is a visible dimension” Lightman 103

“Time is not continuous.. time is a stretch of nerve fibers: seemingly continuous from a distance but disjointed close up, with microscopic gaps between fibers” Lightman 108

“The segments of time fit together almost perfectly, but not quite perfectly Lightman” 109

“Time is a local phenomenon. Two clocks close together tick at nearly the same rate. But clocks separated by distance tick at different rates, the farther apart the more out of step” Lightman 120

“Time is not fluid, parting to make way for events” Lightman 125

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